Plant Start


VitaLink PlantStart has been specifically developed to give your young plants the best start in life. PlantStart contains everything required for healthy growing during this crucial stage. This water soluble, one part nutrient is incredibly easy to use and is ideally suited for any propagation plug or transplanter block/pot. NPK 2.0/1.15/2.3  

TIP: For best results use with VitaLink BioPlus at a rate of 2ml per litre and VitaLink BioPac at 50ml per litre.







Vitalink Earth Grow and Bloom

Vitalink Earth grow is a one part complete nutrient which has been formulated specifically for strong vegetative growth. Grow - NPK 4/1/4

Vitalink Earth Bloom is a one part complete nutrient formulated for abundant flowering and fruiting. Bloom - NPK 2/2/4

These water-soluble nutrients are incredibly easy to use and ideally suited for growing plants in a soil based growing media.







Vitalink Coir Grow and Bloom

Coir Grow Is for use during the vegetative stage and Coir Bloom is for use during the flower/fruit stage.  When using coco as your growing medium, it is advisable to use a coco-specific nutrient. Coco-specific nutrients, such as VitaLink Coir, contain less potassium in order to take into account the potassium levels released from the media during the growing cycle. VitaLink Coir contains a range of other beneficial ingredients for your plants:
Vitamin B1 is essential for healthy root development and promoting the general health of your plants. This vitamin is particularly beneficial if your plants have been under a lot of stress. Humic acid improves the uptake and transportation of nutrients and mimics natural growth stimulants. This in turn will help to promote fast and healthy plant growth. Fulvic Acid will further increase the absorption capacity of your plantsí roots. This will assist with your plantsí overall development and growth.





Vitalink Max Grow and Bloom


Vitalink Max Grow and Max Bloom are a clean nutrient less likely to block drippers as well as promoting exceptional growth and are made in Britain. Great for explosive growth in hydroponics systems. Containing phosphites with added high quality chelates and featuring some additional special components such as vitamin B1 to further improve your plantís performance. Vitamin B1 also assists with root regeneration where the root system has been damaged or stressed through high salinity, pathogens such as pythium, nutrient deficiencies or toxicities, high fruit loading etc. VitaLink Max Grow is a two part nutrient (A & B) containing all the essential nutrients for strong vegetative growth. Grow - NPK 10/5/16 Use with VitaLink additives for best results. Vitalink promotes improved plant health, increased yields and more. Vitalink Max Bloom is a two part nutrient (A & B) containing all the essential nutrients for abundant flowering or fruiting. Bloom - NPK 10/9/19. Use with VitaLink additives for best results.





Vitalink Easy Grow and Bloom

VitaLink Easy Grow is a one part nutrient containing all the essential nutrients for aggressive vegetative growth.
Grow - NPK 2.7/1.3/3.8 

VitaLink Easy Bloom is a one part nutrient containing all the essential nutrients for abundant flowering or fruiting.
Bloom - NPK 2.5/2/4.8 

These water soluble nutrients are incredibly easy to use and ideally suited for growing in any soil-less growing system.




Vitalink Biopac


Vitalink Biopac is a top quality bio-stimulant that activates and accelerates the growth process. It contains a huge range of beneficial organisms including (amongst other things) humates, cold water pressed kelp, amino acids, carbohydrates, essential B vitamins, vitamin K as well as nitrogen fixing, phosphorous solubilising and growth promoting bacteria. In practical terms these help to enhance root biomass (quite dramatically!), increase efficiency of nutrient uptake, increase yield and increase stress resistance. Once colonised by Bio-Pac, plant rootzones will be healthier and more efficient - and so long as you keep reapplying the product, safe from Pythium. The microbes in Bio-Pac if kept at a high enough level will prevent Pythium from taking hold whilst also giving your plants an overall boost.





Vitalink Bioplus



Vitalink Bioplus is a growth and flowering enhancer developed to improve the overall quality of your crop. It contains a unique blend of vitamins and beneficial fungi and bacteria that promote root development. In fact, tests prove that VitaLink Bio-Plus can increase root mass by up to 30%, enhancing the results you get from your plantsí vegetative and flowering cycle.






Vitalink Buddy



Vitalink Buddy is a powerful flower and bloom stimulant containing high concentrations of phosphites and phosphates in the form of a concentrated liquid. Works well with all nutrient brands. Vitalink Buddy is a specific flowering booster which stimulates bud and fruit growth with amazing results. The product is rich in potassium and phosphorus, the latter supplied as phosphate and phosphite. During flowering the increase in supply of potassium and phosphorus stimulates the reproductive processes and pushes the plant to store more energy in these flowers and fruit. Vitalink Buddy will produce increased yields and weight in your crop, improved disease and pest resistance, and a sweeter, tastier crop.






Vitalink Foliar



 Vitalink Foliar is a quality foliar feed for the hydroponic market. This product contains a unique range of macro and micro nutrients that are all easily absorbed when applied to the plant. We recommend the use of Wetting Agent with this product.






Vitalink Fulvic



Fulvic acid is a versatile plant stimulant which can be used on all plants from the seedling stage through to maturity, to optimise growth at every stage of the plantís development. VitaLink Fulvic can be used as a foliar application or directly as a root feed with no risk of scorch or damage, provided the product is not sprayed in direct sunlight.  Once applied to the plant as either a foliar feed or a root feed the liquid passes into the plant very quickly and instantly starts to improve the way your plants use the nutrient you supply.